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Purple Flowers for Colleen

Colleen and Geoff wedding

Colleen and Geoff by Luke Jones Photography

A best friend of mine got hitched to a lovely gentleman this weekend. I was so honored to stand with her at the ceremony, sing for her, and, make her pretty hair bobbles to wear on her special day. You can kinda see it on the right side of her head in that top picture.

First draft

She chose this style, which is a method I want to learn. She chose this method, or maybe it was me that really wanted to use this method. Long ago I figured out I needed at least a first draft in jewelry just like in any piece of writing (including this post);  it allows me to be especially proud of the final product.

Shout out to Luke Jones Photography. Not only did he do a fabulous job but he was a pleasure to work with.

While this is primarily a post about my crafty contributions to this event, another boisterous shout out goes to Colleen for this DIY wedding. Apparently there is a TV show about DIY weddings; I haven’t seen it, but if you have it will help you appreciate the details and effort it took for Colleen and family and friends to pull it off. She and her mom spent many a weekend collecting plates from Goodwill, collecting coupons for glasses, washing them, storing them. Mr. Geoff (this is what we call Colleen’s husband) made all the graphics for the posters and invitations and DIY photo booth. Lauren (best woman AKA maid of honor) and her mom did a beautiful job on the center pieces for the reception tables. Miss Partner (also an attendant for the bride) and Colleen’s brother brewed beer for the reception. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Purple flower hair clip

On the day of, everything came together beautifully with minimal drama. What better way to celebrate the love and commitment of two people to than for family and friends to make the wedding a labor of love. I can’t think of a better way to show support for their union. Okay. Gonna make myself cry again.


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Ode to Garrett McCord

I kinda have to do this. It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s all true, so I’m just going to put it out there and hope for the best.

Garrett, I love you. I love you in the way a person loves an internet personality. Does that make it any less real? Any less creepy? I love your blog, and I wish to emulate your structure; the clever vignette coupled with recipe just keeps bringing me back. While laughing, I tell all my friends about your past and present adventures. You are not afraid or ashamed of your emotions (thank you), because you shouldn’t be; they are true and part of you. I find your irreverence charming and your recipes inspiring and thank you for co-writing a mac & cheese cookbook (it will take me a while to cook through every recipe as I have rather high cholesterol for my age and level of activity; gotta have a lot of veggies in between). Your stories are colorful and textured, full of golden apricots and Jack the Corgi shit stains of various consistencies, not the trivial grey confessions on many other cooking blogs. Did I mention your recipes are delicious? And hilarious? And allow, even encourage, for variation by the creative user?

I believe you are a good human. You have chosen to work for a non-profit. You and your partner– husband!– have made a lifetime commitment to each other. Through your occasional harsh and eloquent rants about your frustrations regarding our fellow humans and their white-people-first-world problems, I see your idealism and optimism. I’m drawn to your love for animals, need for clean, and care for fruit trees. When your second rosemary plant died, I wanted to root you a cutting to replace it–actually, several in sequence in case the first cutting died, then you would have another one on hand, and another.

I feel like we could be friends. I know that is really creepy. I visit Sacramento occasionally, but I promise never to stalk you. If I see you in public, I’ll respect your space, but you might see me staring wide-eyed at you across the room, trying to figure out what you are eating.

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Stuff for my brother’s wedding

2011 in review: My brother Mike married the lovely Erica on October 8th of last year in San Francisco. It is one of the favorite weddings I’ve been to. Hard to beat gorgeous locations, beautiful weather, fleet week, vintage trolley ride between ceremony and reception, live band, passion fruit cake, and beer favors. I’m pleased to have helped with some of it.

Mike really wanted a live band and couldn’t think how else he could get one. He was pretty well ecstatic when I offered our jazz and blues band MoonPie to play at his wedding, though he is a rock enthusiast. I’m pleased to say the band had a great time and got all the guests on their feet to dance.

Morgan and I also offered to brew beer for the wedding and were sad to find out we couldn’t serve our beer. BUT we could bottle and give away as favors. We started brewing in August and produced a wit, rye IPA, sweet stout, and barleywine, which should have aged pretty well by now, so if you have a bottle stick it in the fridge so you can enjoy it tonight! While everything finished fermenting on time, we were down to the wire bottling and designing our label. The logo evolved from something reminiscent of a mud flap girl to a more refined art deco and art nouveau style, sort of optical illusion. (All photos except for bottom left were taken by Rhee Bevere and her crack team of shutterbugs.)

Meanwhile, while rushing around getting beer bottled and labeled, band organized, working and being in-and-out of town left me with little time to make my dress, and I just had to make my dress. I couldn’t wear just any old thing to my brother’s wedding! I had long ago chose Butterick 4919 pattern of a dress from 1952 and a fabric from my closet that I bought 10 years ago, a beautiful dark red nearly purple taffeta with black velvet flocking in a swirling flowery design. I only had two days to sew it together, which was just enough time. I didn’t think it matched the picture on the pattern all that well, and sometimes that happens with patterns. It didn’t show off enough décolletage. I used some elastic strips to pull open the neck more. After the wedding I altered it to make the ties come from the back zipper instead of the sides, and added a buckle to the ties in the back that I found at a thrift store. I styled my hair 1950s as best I could and used one of my favorite necklaces (pictured bottom right).

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Neda’s Earrings

I know! Shame on me for being lazy and not blogging. I blame the recent cold; it paralyzes me and makes me want to curl up in bed. I also blame my cat, the Baron Krausen von Dopplebock, for being such a bad example. Oh, and I went back to work full time last week…

So check out these babies! My cousin Neda made these for me this Christmas. A sort of DNA double helix style. (I must also mention her sister Tara here, who made me a ladder style bracelet the year before.) I’ve got many complements on them. Thank you, girls.

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