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Good at naming things?

Naming things is an underestimated skill. Naming products is a part of the brand, part of the story, which is also on the market. While I want to give as much information in the title as possible, “Cat’s eye brick stitch pear shapes with Swarovski Crystal Necklace” is a mouthful. A shorter title like, “Crystal Cat’s Eye Necklace,” could describe any number of other items. Both options are boring.

My bartender pals make it look so easy when they name cocktails. I feel like I had the hardest time naming my new favorite necklace. I had to crowd source. Kind of a fun social experiment to see how many did, didn’t, and in-between (meaning suggesting word association might help) make suggestions. Here’s what I got from the exercise:

Poire (French for pear)
Winter is Coming
Golden Leaves
Cersei’s Jewels
Endless Sunset
Galactic Disco (Haha! Thanks, Mrs. Partner)

Why did I settle on Alice? I made the majority of this necklace while watching Once Upon a Time, and while Alice in Wonderland does not figure prominently, there is activity in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. Really, the use of cat’s eye cabochon made me zero in on the Cheshire Cat and Dinah. Alice likes cats, and so do I. So… yep.

So, are you good at naming things? What’s your process?


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April Adamant and Art Nouveau Hair Decoration

I am on schedule with birthstone jewelry for April, which is diamond also known as adamant which also means hard (like diamonds) and unyielding (stubborn). Yeah, well, I didn’t buy diamonds, but I have some really pretty Swarovski crystal that will still sparkle brilliantly. This is my newest piece, but at there are many other options to honor someone with an April birthday.

I am most excited about two new head pieces I’ve made. I made a whole mess of wire flowers and filled the petals in with nail polish. I wrapped the stems to a hair comb with red Swarovski crystals. It can be worn a little further forward, and perhaps on the side of a French twist. This is the second version of this piece. When I wore it to the Oscars Party, it seemed to be missing something. I remade it, new and improved, with sparklies.

And I’m extremely proud about this Mucha-inspired headband made with hand enameled acrylic flowers, seed beads, and red agate. The main technique is brick stitch, but I used herringbone for the pendulous flowers. Happy April!

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