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The Uninspired is Repurposed and The Emotional Challenges of Online Jewelry Business

I think we can agree that the picture below is not my best work. Clearly, I was not inspired when putting this together. I may have been experimenting with colors and trying to emulate the Sundance Catalog jewelry, but this necklace never really did it for me. It’s not boring, but it’s not remarkable.


So, I pulled it apart last week so I could make a fringe with the chips. We can agree this new item is inspired, no?


The cabochons and chips from this piece are a mystery to me, as I bought them in an assortment. My nearest guess for the chips is amethyst, but it could be purple fluorite. The cabochons could be glass, though I’m sure one of them is amethyst because of an occlusion (you can’t see it unless you pry it out) that looks like other amethyst occlusions I’ve seen. The very left is glass or aqua colored gemstone. The 2nd from the left could be iolite or colored glass. I do just love this color combination; Mrs. Partner and I went to see a Cartier exhibit in SF (Palace of Fine Arts, 2009) and she got me a book picturing amethyst and turquoise together in jewelry, so of course I’ve been waiting to put those colors together ever since.

Meanwhile, it’s been about a month since I starting putting products on StorEnvy and Etsy. I’ve been taking careful pictures of my favorites and new items I’m proud of. I’m tagging all my items appropriately and writing good descriptions. It’s everything I can do without spending money on promotion because that money is earmarked for Two Broads. Predictably and despite my efforts, I’m not getting much attention; the views, favorite-ing and “envies” are few. There is so much jewelry out there for people to look through, it’s a wonder they find my stuff at all. It’s rather disheartening to think, “what am I doing here?”– an existential crisis in jewelry. But I’m going to stick with it. I can hand out cards to people who compliment my items in person, and I can keep writing blog posts, and you can view, “envy”, and “favorite” items, perhaps even on Pinterest. That’s right, readers, I need YOU to help me be seen. Help me shamelessly promote my creative obsession.

In other news, it’s my birthday weekend! There will be dressing up with my jewelry, photographs, and the consumption of lots of sparkling wine. Stay tuned for pictures.




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