Year 34; Sazeracs for Science

August 22, 2015 at 12:20 am Leave a comment

I marked the beginning of my 34th year with a Sazerac Crawl. The Sazerac is a classic cocktail and an excellent diagnostic drink to test the quality of a bar program and the bar staff. The crawl shall be defined as one Sazerac per bar stop. The goals; fun social drinking and drunkenness, no getting cut off at bars (which has never happened to me-really, it hasn’t), and  finding the best Sazerac in San Luis Obispo… in theory.

Results from 21 August 2015; listed best to least with number indicating sequence of the bar. To protect the reputations of these bars, only first initial is used, though if you are a clever internet searcher I’m sure you’ll figure out which is which.

3. G; 2. S; 1. L

While the goal was to find the best Sazerac in town, I found this one experiment just raised more questions and further research is require; future Sazerac crawls will be necessary. All good science has repeatable results; what if each Sazerac just tasted better because I was more inebriated at each stop? And to make this more scientific, further variables need to be tested. Next time, I’ll make note of day of the week, time of day, busyness of the bar, and the initials of the bartender.

I’ll republish when the experiment is repeated. Then I’ll hire someone for analytics and pay them in Bourbon. I can test how well they analyze while drinking…



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