Porridge so much better than Gruel

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Fresh strawberries and Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter. Mmmmmm!

Fresh strawberries and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter. Mmmmmm!

Porridge. You thought it was only in period novels or eaten during Dicken’s time, don’t you? Well, porridge is still alive in England.

I first saw porridge in a glass case at an M&S gas station while ordering promotional Wild Bean Coffees (the UK Starbucks). At first, I thought I was hallucinating, because we had terrible sleep on the flight. We had got off the plane and went directly to our rental car, got honked at for inappropriate use of a roundabout, and had been driving on the other side for an hour with our adrenaline turned all the way up.

Porridge. My exhausted brain wanted some, but I had already checked out and looked stupid to the cashier because she had to guide me through the credit card chip machine (yeah, everybody in UK uses a PIN with their credit card rather than signing and having extra paper. Why isn’t US doing this?).

We didn’t see porridge again until London. The Fork Deli and Patisserie had creamy porridge. They had run out of fruit (though they had a bowl of fruit to sell as whole pieces, *shrug*), but the right amount of brown sugar made it magic. Warm, comforting, creamy, satisfying.

What is porridge? Basically, it’s oatmeal, but better. Maligned and mealy boiled oats I often associate with the word gruel, made into something new and delicious. They make it with milk (Delicious, delicious dairy all over UK, let me tell you; I collected butter pats and drank the milk from the jug when the tea was out. Yup. Just ask Miss Partner).

This is why you and I are always adding yogurt or milk to oatmeal, because really we want it to be porridge. Now we can have porridge and it will be a better vehicle for flavors like strawberries and hazelnut chocolate butter; banana and brown sugar; rose water and kumquats; etc., etc!

So easy. Make like oatmeal, but use milk, and use good milk, whole without additives because your food is only as good as your ingredients. Dash of salt and yummy toppings for your better breakfast experience.


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