Hoarding, then purging and jewelry mutations

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During the holidays, somehow between feasts (or while prepping the feast) there is more reflection on life, joy and even death. Yeah, I know, pretty morbid beginning. I also think about stuff, because it’s the gift giving season. My family and friends are pretty good about not giving me consumable stuff (booze, honey, gift cards), probably because I’m rather vocal about, “I have too much stuff,” “I live in a small townhouse, emphasis on small,” and “This last year, I tried to donate/toss one thing per day of the year (only one month behind!)”. If I didn’t use it within the last year, then I sent it to a new home (which means I might still have what you gave me for Christmas last year). Memoribilia from my travels has been reduced. It has meant being really ruthless, and sentimentality has been squished! But there are a few things I can’t be that ruthless about. One of them is my beads. I can’t just toss this monetary investment. This problem (and also what created this problem) is what MaggieMakesIt was designed for. This one-purge-a-day is why MaggieMakesIt is getting a revamp, requiring a number of things. No. 1. Inventory. That’s right. Inventory, which is a four-letter-word to anyone in retail. Done! Everything on the website is now current, so go shopping! No. 2. Take better product photos. I decided the iPhone camera photos were just not cutting the mustard. I bought Miss Partner a FABOOO digital SLR camera a few years back when I was more gainfully employed. She loves it and has allowed me to borrow it for product photos. I spent a roller coaster of a day, thinking I have perfect photos, then reviewing them and finding they are garbage, then doing the dance all over again. I think I’ve finally got it dialed in to take fast and gorgeous photos. Check! No. 3. Make things I’m proud of. Really, some of my jewelry is less than inspiring. In the early days, I just wanted to have products up on the site and I didn’t much care how great they were. I’m not proud of everything, and I want to be. New and beautiful mutant jewelry. If I need more beads, then I will pull apart a finished item and incorporate into a new and improved and inspired design. Below is a series of before and after photos; first product with poor photo on the top, new one on the bottom. Click on the new version to see it in the online store.


More sparkly!

Not a big change, but definitely an improvement, especially in photo quality.

This version had to be constantly readjusted.

This version I get compliments on ALL the time.

I confess, I remade this piece over a year ago and kept it selfishly to myself. Sorry.

Ugh. Uninspired. And the leaves wouldn’t lie flat.

Ba-BAM! Uber inspired!

Wow, right!? Crazy gorgeous. Elaborate and glamorous and classic. And in perfect time for the holiday season. Or next year’s, since it’s Christmas in a few days… Here’s to less hoarding in the future, purging when possible, and more jewelry fun for me (which I will probably post about because I plan to be proud of everything I make from here on out). Oh, and hey, check out my website, and my Pinterest. Have a great holiday, in case I don’t write again soon. Enjoy your feasts and hug your families, related and chosen. PS. New Products at MaggieMakesIt.com White Freshwater Pearl and Rainbow Crystal Necklace White Freshwater Pearl and Rainbow Crystal Bracelet Crystal Flower and Freshwater Pearl Ring on memory wire  (MMI’s first ring!) Crystal Flower and Freshwater Pearl Earrings Crystal Flower Bracelet with linking loops Crystal Flower and Freshwater Pearl Necklace


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