Oh yeah, I make jewelry and sometimes I try to sell it

November 24, 2014 at 4:12 pm Leave a comment

You may be aware that my online jewelry store is, um, rather neglected. I really hope that is about to change.

Miss Partner created it for me long ago when she needed to build her portfolio/resume, and it was great. I may not have known at the time that jewelry was an impacted market, and I might not have known better software, but I had a grand ol’ time creating things. For a long while, Miss Partner kept busy making a Froogle feed (when Google Merchant was called Froogle, remember? No? Okay.) and had grand plans for a continuous scroll (like Pinterest). She was great about keeping up with the ever changing Google Store product categories. Since then, the store software has been discontinued and with no developers attention, become clunky and sucks to work with. The store still works, but the updating is such a pain. As Miss Partner became frustrated and stopped working on it, eventually I did, too. While she struggled with software, I struggled with the limitations of my old digital camera, setting up the lighting equipment, and finding the time for photo editing with extraction, sharpening, etc., on Photoshop. Ugh.

But now things are changing. My writing style has developed, which makes my old descriptions really irritating to me now. I’ve got a bunch of products that have never made it to the store, and, ya know, the iPhone takes pretty good photos these days. My goal is to add one a day until I have no more pieces to add. Miss Partner again promises me she will work on no other projects before this one. Again.

I’ve reached my goal of adding a product today and want to share it with you. I’m trying a new procedure for product photos, and I hope you’ll give me some feedback. Better on 1, 2 or 3? Am I giving you nightmares about visiting your optometrist?

So, tell me; what do you think?

So, tell me; what do you think?


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