Changes; Is there anything new on the Interwebs?

August 4, 2014 at 3:20 pm 1 comment

Well, hello adoring public. At long last you find me posting once again. There has been another Afternoon of Epicurean Delights event with silent auction featuring some of my jewelry pieces, and so much more. I’ve discovered the wonders of couples therapy, decided to start a business with my long term partner, and finally become a server at the restaurant where I work. Also, my brother is going to be a father, which means I will soon be an aunty (auntie? yeah, I like the IE). My partner and I are also going to be bridal attendants for the first time ever and our bridesmaids dresses are extra flattering because Colleen (bride) is awesome (#hottestbridesmaidsever though I’m still not quite sure how to use hash tags; do I want to?).

But enough about that for now. The reason for this post is to announce changes ahead for the MMI blog. Today, I floated the idea to Miss Partner that I wanted to make this blog less restricted to jewelry/fashion/sewing, because I have many interests aside from the crafty business of accessories and clothing. I like gardening, cooking, canning, traveling, eating, writing, beer brewing, cider making, singing, etc. I’ve been inspired by Vanilla Garlic, Putting Up with Erin, and a myriad of other blogs to do my own more comprehensive project blog. Miss Partner was surprisingly supportive and mentioned she was also interested in a project blog.

Which leads me to a dilemma; why bother when there are already so many project blogs and cooking blogs out there, and ones that will probably be better? Yeah, well, great question. With Pinterest and Handimania and FreeCycle, etc., ideas are pinned and re-pinned. There are a ton of recipes for the same thing even copied verbatim and an equal amount of variations on that same recipe. While absolutely true, in my exploration of flavor combinations and finding ways to use up things before they spoil while keeping my kitchen life interesting, I have found some tidbits that bear repeating, the kind where there is only one search result exactly matching my query with the exact information I’m searching for. While I expect to dabble in the extra repeated items, I can also be another search result for that difficult to find information for the next person. Yes, I am probably reaching in order to give this blog more of a purpose so I can feel unique in a world of so many unique people. Yeah… I do flatter myself that I might have some original ideas (or recombination of old ideas) that will speak to someone.

Rather than have eight different project blogs for all my interests, why not just have one. Keep it all together and, best of all, keep track of my favorite things, a record if you will, my own personal catalog. So, sorry fans, it’s all about me after all, but that doesn’t mean I love you less. I do hope to entertain you and piss you off and change your mind and introduce you to new and wonderful things.

So, look for changes. Mostly, get excited that you will see this blog surge back to life. Thank you, lovely audience, for sticking with me after all this time (love you, Mom).


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  • 1. KSJ  |  August 5, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Like it! Definitely expand to all interests!!


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