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This one gets Krau’s vote of approval

My cat, Baron Krausen von Doppelbock, really loves this necklace. He is sitting on my lap and reaching up to gently paw it. So freaking cute!


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Cabochons, hair clips, and new new products

20130324-205830.jpg That’s right, folks. There are new products for you to browse. Here is a preview using Hipstamatic photo effects. Far left, we have a barrette in blue, teal and white color scheme with fringed cabochon. The bottom middle and right are fringed fascinators. The top right, has been almost finished for a few years. Originally, I intended it as an applique to an Edwardian-style dress. It could still serve that purpose, but right now it slides on and off a thin black metal headband.

In other news, my website catalog is getting an update. For every new product, you will see five old products re-imagined. This means some of the prices will likely go up due to increased time expenditure and additional materials. So, if you like something the way it is now, snap it up! Or if you like surprises, just wait until you see what I do next.

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More Donations: Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraiser March 16

photoThis weekend, if you are local, try to stop by this fundraiser for Central Coast Team in training this Saturday, March 16 from 1 to 4pm at 1141 Pacific Street (Pacific Street Courtyard) in San Luis Obispo. There should be all sorts of lovely gifts for your donation: stylist visit, massage, and MaggieMakesIt jewelry, just to mention a few.

Here’s a little quote from the organizer, Joy Wilkins:

“Norine, Frances and I are passionate about this organization. This is my third event and Norine and Frances have done at least 10 each. Some full marathons and some 1/2 marathons. We have together raised thousands of dollars towards Leukemia Lymphoma Society and chose this organization because they put their resources towards Research to help end All Blood Cancers. Each of us have our story of a family member, friend or client that has fought cancer. We walk in Memory of the ones lost and in honor of the others still fighting for their lives each day!”



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Donations for Phyllis Madonna Musical Review and Auction 2013

That’s right, folks. Another opportunity for MaggieMakesIt to help the community. I donated the pictured crystal and pearl barrette, crystal loop earrings, and freshwater pearl and gemstone chip necklace to the auction at The Phyllis Madonna Musical Revue held at the famous and historic Madonna Inn. My donation to the event raised $132 for the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo.

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The Passing of an Inspiration

I found out today that one of my favorite costume designers Eiko Ishioka died last year. I love her work in Dracula, The Cell, The Fall, and Mirror Mirror. Her designs fascinated and inspired me in their simplicity and complexity. She leaves behind an amazing body of work and a great many people inspired by her. I don’t think you could ask for a better legacy.

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