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Happy New Year! While visiting friends in the Bay Area this weekend, we kept making the reference, “this is my first <insert something here> of the new year!” Well, this is my first post of the new year!!! Hahaha. Okay, I guess it is funnier for me.

While watching season 6 of Stargate SG-1, that necklace Osiris wears during the summit catches my eye. Not for the first time, I might add. I attempted to make a fascimile of that necklace in the Egyptian Water Life Sky Necklace. My engineering consisted entirely of wires on that necklace. Here is another version of that necklace made with headpins and acrylic beads with East Indian motifs. I think headpins are the way to go for this design. I call it the Yama Necklace. Yama is Osiris’s equivalent in Indian mythology.

I can’t really say why I give Hathor this necklace. If I make more Egyptian themed necklaces I’ll probably just go down the list to name them. She is the goddess of love and music, which I find appealing. She is depicted in human form with a crown of cow horns and the sun. She is also depicted as a cow. Go figure…

Of the beads in this necklace, only turquoise, lapiz lazuli, and carnelian are stones the Ancient Egyptians used in jewelry. The others I’ve put in are blackstone, goldstone, sodalite, red adventurine, and red agate.

Next time, sparkly flowers and hair accessories…


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