February and March

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February is the month when my semi-retirement ends and my 9-month, full-time job begins. My goal was to try and use up some bead inventory while I still had the time. I made two necklaces and a focal piece (I’ll finish it off and feature it in Aprils update). These are both one of a kind items. Many of the beads are no longer available. If I make more of these I’ll have to find substitutions for what I can’t get.

Obsidian and Silver NecklaceThe first piece: gothic black and silver. I used onyx, Swarovski crystals, black Malay jade, obsidian, black agate, Czech glass with aurora borealis finish, twisted silver bugle beads, and sterling silver. I can’t wait to wear it out. It is a great accessory for a costume event.

The second piece: Egyptian and Alexander Calder inspired. Lapis lazuli and turquoise represented the sky and the water to Ancient Eqyptians. A silver alloy was considered very rare to Ancient Egypt jewelers, but since the metal is more reactive (tarnished into dust!) than gold not much silver jewelry survived the 3000-4000 years. It represented moonlight to the Ancient Egyptians. I made and hammered all the spirals myself with sterling silver wire. I also used howlite, sodalite, Swarovski crystals, and blue agate in this necklace.

Meanwhile, Morgan and I were negotiating with our landlord for some improvements in our living space. We wanted to remove the ugly, acoustic ceiling, get laminate floors, and create Morgan’s precious beer, wine and cheese closet. Our landlord added painting to the list. We had to pack up everything and put it in a Portable On Demand Storage unit in our driveway. During the packing I realize, I have too much stuff. Funny how things accumulate So good thing I was trying to use up some inventory, not that it helped all that much in the scheme of things.


I did nothing creative this month unless it was to paint a couple of accent walls. The work on our place started March 1 with the removal of the ceiling. The inside of our house was complete enveloped in plastic like a great cavern of- well, plastic. The drywall expert came in and closed off the new closet and found some extensive damage from a 15-year-old water leak (no wonder it always smelled so musty in our bedroom). That touched off a week of fixing the roof and replacing rotted studs, insulation and drywall. Now on to painting. We had barely any notice we would have to sleep away from the house the first night as they used oil based paint. Morgan nearly asphyxiated trying to get our toiletries and air bed out so we could sleep at a friend’s. Before this, we moved from room to room wherever there was no work. This continued until the floors upstairs were done. Now we’re just waiting for the baseboards downstairs. Very exciting. All we have to do is sell or donate stuff we won’t use anymore and move the rest of the stuff back into the house. I can’t wait to get back to normal life. Hopefully there will be more creative things to report to you next month.

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December and January 2010 Afternoon of Epicurean Delights

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  • 1. Aunt Stephanie  |  May 22, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Hello htere. Dont have your email….nice place you got here…pretty stuff. Just wanted to say hi, and was thinking of Morgan…isnt this beer month or something? That ‘s what I thought I heard and so wanted to see how his endeavors were going and did he get a new recipe toghether, or , did he improve on one…I think that is what was happening when we got together the last time. So, give him a big hello. I really enjoyed your visit last time you were here, and really had a good time getting to know Morgan a bit better. Your stuff gets prettier all of the time. You know Jan is getting into making jewelry. We have a bead store that is pretty darned great…wonder what you would think of it. Take care and let me hear from you…lost my web address so email on your uncle’s site…take care. Love you loads. Stephanie


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