December and January

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Perhaps my constituency is curious about my activities for the last couple months (Hi Doug!). Well, here is the long awaited report.


I made a couple custom pieces for a friend’s wife which I’m very pleased with. I hope to be making some of these in the future. For the necklace, I used two sterling silver chains; one figure-8 and one 3-1 figaro. The aqua Swarovski crystal drops are wire wrapped. On the bracelet, I used figure-8 chain and all the different shapes of aqua Swarvoski crystal I had. The clasp is hand made from sterling silver wire. I’m told Jamie K. likes them and wears them often!

I also remade the necklace I discontinued. San Fran wanted it so much. It made an excellent present for her during the holiday season. I changed the colors to try a gradient and added some gold highlights. Morgan thought it might be over the top, but the necklace needed to POP a little more.

Morgan and I visited the Cartier exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in SF over the holiday. Wow! Very inspiring stuff.


I meant to make a necklace and a dress, but looks like I just got to the dress. It is a late Victorian style. The bodice and bustle are made of bronze silk brocade with a feather and rose pattern. The skirt is black moleskin with sparkly paisley design, and the attached apron is a blue and orange cross-dyed polyester, which tied in all my peacock feather accessories. I made all the rosettes myself out of silk flowers and feathers I had laying around (check out my shoulder and side of the skirt). I used turkey, guinea fowl, and two types of peacock plumage. I went a little crazy and tried to use up all the feathers. The result was a bunch of hair pins that I’ve been giving away. You can’t see San Fran’s, which is made of a fabric rose and turkey feathers. Red Lip’s boutonnière is guinea fowl plumage with orange-yellow chrysanthemum. Morgan’s is made of turkey feathers and a silk red-orange chrysanthemum. Margaret’s hair pin is red and white silk flowers and leafy background. On the back of my head I’m wearing a pin made of peacock eye and sword feathers.

In preparation for the tailoring of the dress, Morgan was lacing me into my corset and ripped the grommets out! Can you imagine us cringing at the sound of ripping fabric? My denial of the damage even when Morgan offered to replace it? I got this corset from a woman in England made of the traditional corset fabric called coutil. Since it’s an item not easily replaced, I decided to attempt a repair. I had to replace the back panels with a double layer of twill with the grains opposing for extra strength. It looks pretty good.

I wore the dress to the Edwardian Ball on 22 January in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom (which I would visit anytime, such a beautiful venue). Vagabond Opera was headlining. They are great performers! Talents were also exhibited by acrobats and dancers and jugglers and readers of Edward Gorey poems. I’d say half of the event was advertising at us, but it was very pretty advertising. The obvious example was the Bazaar set up downstairs selling clothing and accessories, all bespoke and one of a kind type items. One of the dance troops wore Dark Garden corsets and costumes for an act of subtle advertisement.

Also during these months I have been working on editing my novel a bit. It’s coming along…

Morgan and I also got a cat! Five month old Baron Krausen von Doppelbach. Krausen or Krau for short. Six pounds of pouncing, silky soft, cuddly, ear-tufted, bushy-tailed monster rescued from Santa Barbara County Animal Services in Santa Maria.


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For Amber’s Mom on her birthday February and March

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