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Hi family, friends and fans,

I know! How lazy am I not to do any jewelry posts in FOREVER! Now that the costume frenzy for Halloween is over I might have time. But it’s November and I have another distraction. I have joined NaNoWriMo.org (that’s National Novel Writing Month). That’s right, I’m finally doing it. I took a bunch of creative writing courses and read enough books to kinda know what I’m doing. Best yet, I’ve already been writing one in my head for years! Yeah, all those times you were trying to get my attention while I was staring off into space. Now you know. I was somewhere else. I was in my novel.

Note: while participating in NaNoWriMo, I will still be filling orders on the website. My clients will not be ignored!

It’s an adventure novel set after the apocalypse (I’ll write my contemporary novel next year). It’s going to be a super draft by the end that I’ll be editing for years until I’m satisfied with it. Then maybe I’ll publish, but I doubt it.

In order to prepare for this ordeal, I didn’t read any fiction for 6 months to make sure I wouldn’t absorb anyone’s writing style (there is this one author who take different styles from some very famous authors; it made me so mad that I wrote him a letter asking him to learn how to write before he published anymore books–I don’t want to be a hypocrite). I’m also reading books assigned from a class I had to drop out of when there was too much on my plate one quarter; A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman. I haven’t gotten to Bird by Bird yet. Morgan has that one. I think my biological training is great for writing setting descriptions; there will be some nerdy and very realistic ecology. I’ve been getting Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary in my old hotmail account since 2004 and saving all of them! One of my challenges; not to use the work Okay.

The meat. I need to write 50K by midnight Nov. 30, then I will “win” NaNoWriMo. I just wrote about 350 words in ten minutes. I wish I could do that with my story every day. Right now I’m at 7380, almost 15% to the goal. Cups of coffee today: 1. Wish me luck!


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