October is my favorite month

October 16, 2009 at 5:25 pm Leave a comment

Hi Doug, Hi Minerva, Hi everybody else,

We just had a violent rainstorm, and now the weather has turned humid and hot again. The wind is nice and warm. The leaves are changing colors and the cemeteries have become romantic again, instead of just being depressing as usual. Normal sounds take on a creepy, spooky air now that All Hallows Eve is approaching. It’s time to watch Nightmare Before Christmas again…

I’ve been busy and stressed, almost too busy to devote this month to my other obsession; costumes. I did sell some on eBay to make room for more that I will be making (I do have a pile of fabric just waiting for me to do something with). I’d show you some pictures, but I’m not especially proud of the costumes I sold. They are early work, and I know I can do much better now–the pictures aren’t up to my standards for display either. But I did sell a couple of halter waistcoats that I am proud of. I haven’t gotten positive feedback from that buyer yet…

Right now I’m trying to piece something together for the Establishment (local hippy commune in an old hotel that also used to be a brothel) invite-only Halloween party. The theme is Cabaret Cadaver. I’m pretty sure I can do the cabaret, the cadaver is a little more difficult.

I’m still finishing my brother’s Monty Python Inquisition robes. I’m excited about finding something to do with the scraps of fabric; sleeping masks! I’ve giving them away to friends and family and coworkers. I have a feeling I’m going to make a lot more. Perhaps I’ll start selling those on the website…

Now you have an update. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry it has been so long!


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