Labyrinth Masquerade 2009

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Last time I posted about the Labyrinth, it was 3 months later. I’m trying to be better. I also try to keep this blog pretty clean, a “family blog,” if you will. For this post, I can promise the pictures will be PG-13, but I will not promise about the content. Not this time. I must do this event justice.

Homage to Yul BrynnerWe began the day in Arroyo Grande, CA with mimosas and waffles, ending the day in Hollywood, CA with sore feet and 4 square feet of pepperoni pizza dripping with red oil. In between, there was good beer, whiskey, vodka-pineapple, salad and more waffles. We paid homage to Yul Brynner and the Metro (photo right) en route to the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater. There were dragons and sport cups, fairies and riding crops, duels, consensual molestations, knights and victorian underwear, body paint, extra bendable people, new friends, musicians and carnies, dancing and flash photography, stilts and steam punk (AMEN!).

Morgan, Redlips and San Fran in Hollywood, CA 2009I am the costume director of our party. Red Lips decided he would wear something that would not get him arrested and so his costume was tame. At his request, I slit his white, poofy shirt nearly down to his waist; trust me, this is tame. He wore black pants and an authentic Italian Carnival mask with black crushed velvet to cover his neck and shoulders. Dashing! He really is smiling under his mask in every picture, you just can’t tell. (Picture left, from left to right: Morgan and San Fran, Red Lips is behind them).

Morgan revived the costume from last year. Blacks, bronzes and coppers, this time adding a sumptuous peacock feather collar. I can only take credit for everything that is bust height and down: corset and Victorian-inspired skirts. Morgan made the mask and collar, and looks more irresistible every year!

San Fran was Jareth, the Goblin King, from the movie. The only thing that didn’t work out was the wig (not pictured; it was that bad). It was the hair of a red neck in a Camaro. We did end up being in kinda a rush, I feel I could have done better, however, San Fran looks fantastic! I’m responsible for everything but the riding crop, her pendant, which was made by Eyefeather, and the sport cup that made her package. She was very polite and asked people before she molested them with riding crop. She might even have pressed her sport cup against a few.

Then there’s me. I mimicked this year’s poster girl. I made horns out of Sculpey bake-able clay, drilled holes and put them on a wire crown. I hid the wires under my hair. I made a wire mask again. I think it looks pretty rough, but got lots of compliments. We’re going to have to pop my head again as it swells. I was very lucky to find the right color dress at Goodwill and alter it so you could see, yes, I do have some cleavage, kinda. Morgan painted designs on my front and back in gold body paint.

All kinds of hilarity and fun. I smiled too much, looked like an idiot having too much fun. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.


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