Margaret, the Victorian School Marm

October 26, 2008 at 9:14 pm Leave a comment

Third day of semi-retirement.

Other than jewelry and biology, costume making is one of my passions. I’m very proud of this because I did all the research for this costume and only had to make the skirt (already made from another costume). The rest are pieces from modern day (authentic Victorian-style corset made by a woman in England, tuxedo shirt, Mom’s old shawl and shawl pin, hoop skirt and ruffly skirt to soften the hoops though didn’t quite get the lowest one). And look at all my accessorizing! You can’t see my shoes but they are Victorian-style granny boots. I got that fan as a wedding favor (thank you Chris and Victoria), and I’m sure my purse isn’t period. The gloves are a nice touch, though they should have been yellow kid. My hoops are a little too small. I really should have had a bonnet, too; that hat is just not period (I’m going for 1840-60, but I might fit in somewhere after that). Nor are my glasses. I still think it looked damn good!

Yeah, we walked downtown in San Luis Obispo to look at jackets and shoes. Some people just don’t seem to remember that Halloween is in 5 days. The older generation and young girls seemed to like my costume, but the 20-somethings couldn’t care less. I did get a homeless guy with a shopping cart to stop in his tracks at the Mission and say, “Hi, ” and then, “I love you,” after we had passed by. I love you, too, guy! Morgan was embarrassed to be seen with me. Would you be?

Someday, I think I’ll do more with costumes, may sell them. For now I will just build my repertoire.


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First Day of Down Time No one expects….

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