Wire Masks

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The following photos were taken at the 2008 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 11 July in Hollywood, CA at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater. They are meant to feature the wire masks Morgan and I made for the event. I wanted to get good photos of our costumes, too, because I made or advised on all the things that we wore, but I was never very satisfied with the photos. For that reason, you won’t be able to see our entire posse in attendance. (The bodice/corset I wore was made by Michelle of Damsel in this Dress; I got it on eBay. Look at that super sweet high EVIL collar!)

Walking to the metro.Here we are walking down Hollywood Blvd, Margaret, Colleen, Morgan and I (from left to right). Chris is taking the photo. Colleen is laughing loudly at somebody that yelled to her from a cab. We were trying to get to the Metro (it is the saddest public transit network in the world), alas, we had to take a cab so one of our party wouldn’t get arrested. We never would have gotten stopped by cops in San Francisco, but it seems that Hollywood is a family place at 8 PM. Nevermind the hookers and drug dealers, etc.; we were the unsavories, though I thought we were all quite tasty!

Here is Colleen and me in the Metro station before we were chased out by the “chaste” cops. I made her mask. Guinea fowl feathers, a stiffened cloth plain mask, and hot glue. It went with the rest of her black and white outfit. We lost it in the first half an hour at the event somewhere on the balcony. If found, please email me! Also, this is a really good picture of me wearing the mask as a mask; I found it looked pretty sweet when I pushed it up off my face as well. See next photo.

This is a great example of Morgan’s mask, probably the clearest picture we took all night. It is also a great example of my picture editing skills. Morgan taught me in photoshop to make another layer and edit the colors, because I’m super white and my face was very overexposed. Then I had to erase everything but my head. It’s not perfect, but not terrible either. You get the idea!

Now here are pictures of the masks in detail. Morgan used only coated copper wire, coated to avoid blue marks from the metal reacting with skin moisture (those marks are copper ions! I really loved chemistry classes in school). The image is linked to the product page on my website. Morgan has a great idea to incorporate crystals into the next version of this mask.

I was originally going to wear a cabochon and seed bead embroidered mask, but it wasn’t finished in time, so I made this one. I used copper wires as well, but some of mine had gold and silver tone. I used Swarovski crystals and gold- and silver-plated drops for the chain on the bottom. I was going for the look of horns on the top, as I was inspired by this years Labyrinth poster creature. This photo also links back to my website. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and will have an excellent Halloween.


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