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New Cabochon Jewelry

Look what I can do; seed bead embroidery with cabochons! And you can do it, too, but the mind numbing tedium is not for everyone. I’ve wanted to try this method of making jewelry for years and years, and then I found this book at the public library: “Beading with cabochons : simple techniques for beautiful jewelry” by Jamie Cloud Eakin (and now the shameless pitch: Support your public library because it is AWESOME!!!). It’s a very approachable, mostly easy to follow instructions book. Lots of photos. Lots of inspiration! It might take me a while, but I will get more of these products with cabochons up on the website. So far, this is it. For more information about the new pieces, click on the pictures to go to my website. Thanks for looking!


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No More Large Copper Pearls

They are so beloved, but so hard to come by. So, say good-bye to these beauties. I just can’t find them in consistent quality; they change so much it’s hard to keep up with it on my website (remember, I have a 40 hour-a-week job in addition to this one-woman operation). 

Guerin of Connecticut and Jessica of California both favored these large dark copper pearls in jewelry as wedding accessories for their bridesmaids. Might have something to do with them both having weddings in autumn. Beautiful time of year for a wedding!

All the necklaces and bracelets you see here are strung on heat treated nylon cord. The pearls are kept in place by clever knots (well, they aren’t all that clever). The pearls are cultured in freshwater and most of them are dyed, including our star in the copper colored variety. The mauve pearls on the front close necklace in the upper right are natural in color. That necklace also incorporates Swarovski crystals to good effect, good being sparkly! All clasps are sterling silver. Though all of these pieces have sold, I do have a few left with large copper pearls of different quality. Please visit the following urls: Copper Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, Copper Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Front Close Necklace. If these links fail to open, the product is no longer available.

I have some large rose colored pearls might make a good substitute for the copper ones. I also have some large lavender pearls, but will have to find appropriate accompaniment for those. But before I get to this project I have promised to make some Monty Python style Spanish Inquisition costumes for my brother. No, I’m not planning to make him large rosaries to go with them. I think he can go get some for less trouble at a costume shop (Is that irreverent?).

As you know it is that time of year again to dust off the old costume box and make sure the pumpkin in your garden is not rotting. My next post will be Halloween related, though it will mostly feature an event my posse and I attended in July. Which reminds me; if you want my jewelry to accessorize your costume, you’d better get your order in ASAP. I might be a very busy woman this and next month. You won’t want to miss out on the items featured in my next post!

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